Monday, August 16, 2010

baby party calls for cookies 'n milk

{Shannon & Cindy}

My friend Shannon and I hosted a baby shower this weekend for my sister in law, Cindy and new arrival, Oliver Seth.  Actually it was more of a 'meet my baby' party....a co-ed gathering scheduled for after the birth, and rather than showering the couple with gifts, their request was simply......diapers!

So as the guests arrived the diaper bin was filled.....
the baby was passed around.
the parents were praised.
the littles were found hiding in the closet.
a picnic took place on the lawn.
finger sandwiches were devoured.
jokes were made and laughs were had.
basket lovers were declared.
chips were dipped.
can's recycled.
a raffle ticket was drawn.
Judy was the lucky winner!
and cookies were ate...

I was happy to see that the cookie jar was slowly emptied, along with a splash of milk for some. I am not a cookies 'n milk kinda gal, but it was hubby's idea and seemed oh so fitting for the occasion (not to mention he IS a cookies 'n milk kinda guy, so was thrilled himself!).

{Cindy & Oliver}

Sorry if you were hoping for a recipe....I made the good old wheat flour and butter cookies for this party to please the masses. However if you were hoping for a recipe, my favorite these days is Elana's dairy-free almond flour chocolate chip cookie recipe (I use honey in place of the agave), which even my "cookies 'n milk hubby" claimed he likes better than the real deal (big smile), and that recipe can be found here.

got cookies? got milk booby?

diaper bin (only getting started-more arrived!)
Every party needs trash and recycle signs too!
(the bins are hiding behind the 'fence')

Shannon's beautiful arrangement - Raffle Basket
local made chips & my homemade roasted tomatillo salsa

Shannon's delicious finger sandwiches

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