Monday, August 16, 2010

Mobile Garden Beds

Thrifty Mobile Garden Beds

I was recently doing some gardening in my back yard and thought I would share with you my thrifty new garden beds. I took some pics with plans to post these at the beginning of the summer, and then kinda forgot about it. Then the other day BF Katie, who is now coined KK Holiday reminded me that I need to post these pics!

I found the wheelbarrow at a local garage sale. My brilliant Mother was in town and had the idea to put plants in it. After all, it is the perfect solution if your plants aren't getting enough can just move the whole thing! Then a month or so later KK Holiday was in town and witnessed a Hubby-n-Heather garage sale drive-by where we scored a Radio Flyer wagon for only $5! Now it is filled with plants in the garden.

Here is my first harvest of cherry tomatoes. There were many more to come, but I was very proud of the first few! The last picture is of the brick that hubby laid for the gas grill. He did a great job, ne!?


janet said...

That was so much fun, rolling a wheel barrow home from the yard sale!

janet said...

p.s. thanks for calling me a genius! i get it from your dad